What Nail Color Looks Good On Dark Skin?

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One of the most common questions women with darker skin ask is, “What nail color looks good on dark skin?”

Nail polish comes in many shades, but not all are flattering for darker skin. We’ve created a list of the best nail polish colors that look good on dark skin to help you find your perfect match.

Here are some tips for wearing nail polish with dark skin:

  • Avoid shades with pink undertones as they can cause your hands to look even more yellow.
  • Stick to blues, greens, purples, and pinks for best results.
  • Choose an opaque white shade if you want to create a french manicure.
  • A sheer pink or nude will also go well with any color of clothing or outfit.

What Nail Colors Look Good On Dark Skin?

There are many different nail polish colors to choose from, and while you can find a color that will work for any skin tone, it doesn’t mean every color will look good.

Some nail polish colors work better with certain skin tones than others. If you have dark skin, you should avoid light pink and pinks and opt for blues and purples. Darker shades of pink or purple look great on dark skin.

Nail polish should be opaque which means that if you want to create a french manicure, go for white instead of sheer. A sheer pink or nude will also go well with any outfit or color clothing.

Tips for Wearing Nail Polish with Dark Skin

If you have dark skin, it can be difficult to find a color that works for you. For the most part, the nail polish shades that appear best on dark skin are those with blue or purple undertones.

It can also be challenging to find a good opaque white shade for french manicures. To avoid this problem, choose a sheer pink or nude color instead.

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Nail colors on black skin, When you’re searching for your perfect nail polish, try looking at these colors:

  • Red: The most popular color for darker skin is red. It looks amazing with green and blue undertones and can complement any outfit.
  • Yellow: Yellow is also a popular choice, especially if you’re someone who prefers natural nail polishes and doesn’t like the feeling of polish on their nails. This shade will bring out the yellow undertones in your skin and will work well with any outfit you pair it with.
  • Green: Green is another popular color for darker skin because it compliments brown skin well. This shade will show
  • And another option likes Blues, Greens, Purples, Pinks, Opaque white


The first step to finding the perfect nail polish color for your skin tone is to identify what your skin undertone is. In order to do this, examine your veins. If your veins appear green, you have a cool undertone that should be complemented by warm color. If your veins appear blue, you have a warm undertone that should be complemented by a cool color.

Now that you’re aware of which type of color to go with, it’s time to find which shade suits you best. With so many colors and brands to choose from, it can feel like an overwhelming task to find the perfect one. Luckily, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you out!

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