The Ugliest Nail Colors – The Ones You Can’t Afford to Wear!

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Do you ever find yourself staring at your nail polish thinking to yourself, “wow, that color is hideous!” or, “I would never wear that on my nails!” Yeah, me too! There are so many colors available today and there’s seriously a nail polish for everyone. But the problem is that some colors just don’t work no matter how much you try. The following colors are the ones you’ve seen on other women and have thought, “that’s too ugly for me.” Here are some of the ugliest nail colors and why they’re not worth wearing.

Six of the Ugliest Nail Colors

  • Frosted Lavender
  • Turquoise
  • Purple Crackle
  • Deep Red Crackle
  • Olive Green Crackle
  • Orange Crackle

Why They’re Not Worth Wearing

Honestly, this is a tough one. I’m sure there are women out there who love these colors and would just kill to have them on their nails. But I can’t stand any of these colors! They’re too bright, they don’t suit my skin tone, or they just plain look bad. And that’s the thing with nail polish, you have to really like it before you wear it because it takes so long for it to dry and then your day is over. If you’re looking for some nail polish color ideas that you’ll actually want to wear all the time, check out these 10 best spring nail colors!

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How to Wear a Ugly Color

So you’ve found a color that you know is going to look awful on your nails. To make it work, you have to figure out whether you want to look like someone who doesn’t care about fashion or someone who does. If you want to wear the color for fashion purposes, then I would recommend putting a sheer coat of another color over the top. For example, if you were going to wear green as an ugly color and wanted it to look flattering, then put a sheer coat of red over top. Or if you’re wearing yellow but don’t want it too bright and in your face, try adding some blue so that it has more of a muted tone.

If all else fails and the nail polish is still too hideous for your liking, try these tricks:

  1. Paint your nails in oil-based paint first before applying a layer of nail polish on top;
  2. Apply clear nail polish and then add glitter;
  3. Use a dark color as an accent with neutrals at the base;
  4. Create half moons with contrasting colors – for example, take one half of your nail off and put red on the bottom section and green on the other.

Just remember that all colors can work sometimes! I’m always trying new colors because it’s fun!

Apply it with a light touch to an accent nail

There are some colors that just don’t work no matter how much you try. One of those colors is lavender. Lavender is a really great color for summertime and it can be worn as an accent nail, but it’s not a color that you should wear all over your nails.

Paint your entire nails with it and have fun!


This color is just not worth wearing unless you’re in the mood for a fun and funky look. The problem with whites are that they don’t last long and, when you’re done with them, they look like you’ve dipped your nails in water mixed with milk and dish soap. Plus, if you tend to have dry cuticles or hangnails, this is not the color for you.


Black is dark and doesn’t really go well with any skin tone. Plus, it’s just not the prettiest of colors. It doesn’t work well as a base color either because it shows every single nail line that your nails have. If you apply it to your nails first before adding another coat, it will chip off quickly and show all of those ugly lines again. Black also fades after only one day so it’s not worth wasting your time on this color when there are so many more pretty colors out there!

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